Is Funds Recovery legit? The website of the firm claims to have solved many financial scams. The list of these scams includes crypto, online dating, and more. Is Funds Recovery a scam or is it a legitimate service? The company’s marketing is very intrusive. It tries to convince you that it will help you get your money back. In fact, this company has a history of recovering stolen funds from victims.

If the company doesn’t have any track record, it can easily be traced through social media channels. The easiest way to spot a fake firm is to look for advertisements. These companies often claim to be legitimate but aren’t. These scammers can then use your information to collect a small advance fee from you and send unsolicited emails. If you have a large sum of money at stake, you don’t want to be a victim of a fake fund recovery company.

Funds Recovery offers the usual set of financial recovery services and a standard sales pitch. However, two financial regulators have warned about it and have issued warnings. Their website is not updated often enough and they take on cases without screening them. As such, their clients will spend a lot of money on a service that isn’t even worth their time. In other words, Funds Recovery is a scam and should not be trusted.